Finally giving the real deal (I.e.: NOT in instant noodle form) a taste and there’s no going back!!! Gone are the days of ordering boxes of these babies on airfrov - even if you’ve mastered the art of instant ramen, nothing can compare to the authentic experience of slurping up the piping hot bowl that is set before you with the constant shouts of “IRASSHAIMASE” in the background😂
You can customize nearly the entire bowl here, varying factors like richness of broth, spice level, amount of garlic & cha shu, etc. We went with all the recommended servings and had no regrets!!! Tonkotsu broth was absolutely rich and creamy, fully encapsulating the essence of pork bone and yet still managing not to overwhelm the senses. This fullness is paired perfectly with their thin variety al dente noodles that are surprisingly firm; even the finely sliced cha shu hides a surprise with its fatty, melty texture - immediately apparent upon being popped in one’s mouth! Though the egg could’ve been better marinated, I’d say this bowl far exceeds expectations...and I came expecting A LOT!! P.S.: this place uses the vending machine system so pls don’t be a dumbfounded tourist (like me) and hold up the entire queue!!!😋