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The Firebake Tartine is an open-faced sandwich on a Seedy slice and the toppings will be seasonal, giving diners a different dining experience each time. The 220g striploin is grilled over a traditional wood stove till medium doneness and served with a salsa verde sauce, with a side salad that contains pickled onions that help to cut through the richness. On the other hand, the Seafood Risotto might just be the highlight of the meal as Arborio rice is cooked in a seafood stock and white wine with a medley of seafood like scallop, sweet prawn tails and mussels. The risotto is then finished with Grana Padano Parmesan and sherry vinegar to balance the heavy flavours, with a topping of a cut of grilled Mediterranean seabass. Last but not least, the Firebake Wagyu Cheese Burger takes centrestage with a thick patty of lean and fatty Australian Wagyu, grilled till medium-done and sandwiched between sourdough potato buns. To up the ante, Chef Konstantino added in a thick tomato-based beef sauce, that pays homage to his Greek heritage, into the burger. To end the meal, I highly recommend you go for the Lemon Lavender Cake for the perfect curtain call.
Address: 237, East Coast Road, Singapore 428930
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