Eating like the locals is the best fun I can think of when I am traveling anywhere in the world. Once we found a table at this corner coffeeshop, we had to try a bit of everything. Here's a rundown of what we had.
"Wan Tan Mee" (RM4): Coated with just the right amount of oil and sauce, the al dente noodles boasted that traditional taste I miss. The dumplings had extremely delicate, thin skin and a juicy pork filling. We learned an interesting nugget of info from a friendly local about this stall. She said the "Wan Tan Mee" business was started by a "Samsui woman" who had come over from China in her youth and has since been handed down over the last sixty years.
"Wu Xiang" (RM6): Quite a unique local dish where can pick what you want. The mini "siew mai"-like dumplings, fishcake and beancurd pieces were all handmade by the hawker herself. Good for sharing.
Nyonya Laksa (RM4): Completely stole my heart this did. It was inevitable with its extremely fragrant gravy that wasn't too thick with coconut milk. Totally slurpalicious!