The base was one of the most crispy buttermilk waffles that I ever had, so that was pretty great! The waffle was covered with an extensive serving of cornflakes crumbs (which were lightly salted) and lemon jelly. The vanilla ice cream was also one of the tallest ice creams (on a waffle) that I have seen in Singapore, and it was coated pretty extensively in honey citron extract, with a small amount of white chocolate sauce layered on it.

I have to say that the combination of the sweetness from the ice cream and white chocolate sauce did not pair very well with the sour honey citron and lemon jelly, with the sour flavours overpowering the sweeter side of the dessert. This costs $19++, which is on the high end, but I guess it is pretty reasonable considering the ice cream serving and the effort needed to prepare this dish.

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