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Are you ready for @tamashii_sg reopening with a brand new concept? It's happening really, really soon. I've loved Chef @patr1ck_tan's food very much, and I'm particularly excited about his new concept as it would be the first of its kind in Singapore. But he had told me that several of his signatures and guests favorites would remain on the menu.
In this sando, melt-in-your-mouth wagyu was flash fried in panko crust, than sandwiched between two slices of soft white bread. As you bite through this, it was first the contrast in textures between all the layers, then came the sweet delicate wagyu juices. And to make this even better, this was served with Chef Patrick's house-made apple vinaigrette for you to dip into.
I certainly hope this would remain on the menu as Tamashii reopens!