Ramen Bar Suzuki has a unique selection of ramen for you to choose from.

There’s White Tonkotsu (pork broth), Jet Black (squid ink and garlic), Cardinal Red (spicy miso and pork), Emerald Green (basil and cheese), and Sakura Pink (prawn).

You can customize your ramen to the degree of hardness of noodles, oiliness of broth etc. You can also select the chashu in shoulder-loin (less flavorful, less fat) or belly (more flavorful, more fat). I customised my noodles a little on the hard side for that al dente touch and texture and this was served just to my liking. Pure White Tonkotsu Ramen which I had was so tasty and what struck me was that the broth was delicious and flavoursome without being overwhelming and not heavy. It wasn't too oily either. The cha siu was tender, thinly cut and juicy. Love the reflow of bean sprouts, potato salad and hard boiled eggs.