The world famous Liao Fan/Hawker Chan has been touted as the cheapest Michelin starred meal, which is true. However, it’s not the cheapest soya sauce chicken around town, but it’s definitely one of the best.⠀

$8.40 gets you a pretty big bowl of soya sauce chicken hor fun, and I added on a portion of char siew & roast pork for $4.20 each. The chicken skin is beautifully brown, sumptuously smooth & seasoned splendidly. The meat itself was moist & undeniably umami despite being a top quarter cut, and it’s quality was on par with the best in the business.⠀

Oddly enough, the char siew was the real rockstar here even though the soya sauce chicken was excellent. It was sweet & salty in all the right amounts, the char was just right with little spots of burnt crust, and the meat was majestically marbled with fantastic fat. Every bite was boundless bliss, with the tastefully thick slices of juicy pork providing plenty of pleasure with every bite.⠀

The roast pork was rather redolent as well, with a decently crackling rind, a flavoursome amount of well roasted fat, and superbly salted & spiced meat. It’s a piquant piece of pork that’s perfect for pigging out on, and I’m glad I ordered it.⠀

I never had the patience to try the original stall at Chinatown Complex. However, the franchises are decent enough despite a reported slump in standards compared to the original stall.

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