A blend of retro interior and contemporary designs. Definitely a place for pretty Instagram-worthy pictures.
Although I was too lazy to get better lighting outside and move everything out there, I think this picture sums up my visit perfectly to this cafe in Malacca.
They are popular for the Local Pandan Pancakes with coconut gula melaka, add on vanilla ice cream. Tbh, the ice cream was not necessary as the pancakes were perfectly sweet and fluffy on its own, especially when spreader with the coconut and gula Melaka spread. I also like how similar and perfect the pancakes shapes are! 😂 (must be the pancake pan that they have)
Another specialty is the gula melaka iced chocolate. Very special! It's very decadent but might be a little too heavy for a hot day in Malacca. There was flakes of gula melaka at the bottom and it really blended well with the chocolate! I did try to ask to add on a shot of espresso but I guess that was a weird idea. Even the barista thinks so.
Love the latte art as well. Really impressive. Although the coffee was just mediocre (imo). Food: 8/10
Price (GST excluded): Pancakes+vanilla ice cream: RM 13.90+RM 3.59; Cappuccino: RM 10.50; Iced Chocolate: RM 13.50