Chai Chuan Tou Yang Rou Tang
柴船头羊肉汤 (Stall 01-51)

Was here at 1PM, slightly after the peak hour lunch crowd. There were 6 people in the queue, but turnover was quite quick. I ordered a bowl of Mutton Soup with meat ($4/$5) - everyone else after me was told there wasn't enough meat left, only other ingredients like intestines, meatballs, etc. Definitely counting my blessings today!

This piping hot bowl of soup had a layer of oil on top, which I don't enjoy. But the flavour was so robust, the meat was so tender, & with not much bones such that it is fuss-free to eat... I think I'll close one eye & not be fussy about the oil. 😂

You can opt for a small (40¢) or large (50¢) bowl of rice. For someone who pairs ingredients with rice in an almost-OCD manner, the small bowl was more than enough rice for me.