Ever since I saw a post online about this curry mee, I tell myself if I ever visit KL, I must check it out.
Finally, after a few years, I am here and definitely pleased with it. My cockles craving were truly fulfilled. Also don't ask me why they named their stall as Girl and Mummy Curry Mee.😂
Roast Pork & Chicken Curry Mee (RM 14) add cockles (RM 17)
For just additional RM 3, that bowl of curry mee is filled with loads of fresh blood cockles. Just like at that bloody redness, totally bloody worth it!
You can choose your mee, so I had Lai Fun, a thick chewy slurpy type of rice noodles to go with the curry.
The curry itself was tastisfying, rich, flavourful, clean, and spicy at the right amount. A well-balanced of spice.
Chewy roast pork with crispy crackling skin was damn savoury, while chicken meat was tender and juicy. Comes with pig skin, bean sprouts, and fried Beancurd.
Overall, that huge bowl of goodness seems like can feed two people. A must visit I must say.
🚩Girl and Mummy Curry Mee, 33, Jalan Emas, Chan Sow Lin, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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