Their coffee is mostly drip/filter type. Coffee drinker has the option of choosing their beans. I didn't spot Flat White in their menu and when I brought it up at the counter, they told me it's the Trouble White (RM15) and it definitely live up to its name. The coffee took awhile (i bet the process is quite a...trouble! Heh!) to arrive because of the long filtering process and it's more foamy than expected.
A friend chose simple black (single origin, Costa Rica beans) for RM13. The coffee has a strong fruity taste to it and the acidic was just right. We had the black tea lychee pudding and it was refreshing. Named after the famous comedy fantasy show from Shakespeare, the cafe definitely has that dreamy kind of feels. The service is awesome and staff are friendly. The shop is easily missed as it lack of signboard and that it's on the first floor so look out for the moon doodle standing board.