Now, I know, you’re thinking that I’m a clown for paying $18++ for an omelette. But it ain’t just any ol’ omelette, it’s Sun King Ryoriya’s Fried Eggs (omelette)& crab stick with carrots, mushrooms, bamboo shoots & onions. And just like the dish name on the menu, it’s one helluva mouthful.

It’s a majestic mouthful though, as the wonderfully wet omelette was astoundingly addictive and fluffy. There was a nice, light browning on a good bit of the omelette which made the already eggceptional eggs even more sublime. The bamboo shoots & carrots were present to provide a charming crunch to each bite, and every ingredient flawlessly fused together for full flavour fabulousness. Hey, teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Normally I wouldn’t even think to dip omelettes into ketchup, but once that taboo was broken, it was the only way I wanted to polish off this plate of eggy excellence.

Omelette du fromage? Nah, not this time, I’ll rep the Sun King cause he’s also egg royalty.