[ Food Review — This time, zichar dishes! (You can find my older review of their dim sum items on my insta!) ] Think we are completely sold on the idea of having dim sum at night! And what’s better is even if we wanted s o m e versus an entire dinner’s worth of dim sum, we can do that at Mongkok Dim Sum too!

So that’s precisely what we did tonight!

To start, we ordered the Spinach Dumplings (our fav item from our last visit), Siew Mai (gotta love decently priced, good-sized siew mai…with shrimp!), and Fried Mantou with Chilli Crab Dip. (Dim sum make for great starters because they’re bound to arrive before your main dishes anyway, and they help whet your appetite too!)

The mantou was pretty good — sweet and light + crisp without being oily! While the chilli crab dip tasted very much like a premix (it’s a lil starchy and had a 1-D sweetness), there was a lot more crab slivers in there than we’d expected! So much so that if we didn’t specifically spoon them up onto our buns, we’d have had a bunch leftover. Pretty nice surprise!

For a place that does so much dim sum, we were surprised at the quality of their zichar! Sure, it isn’t going to be comparable to top-tier zichar spots, but given the amount of ingredients and size of each dish, I’m down for eating here in sweet air-conditioned comfort with dim sum sides than at other mid-range zichar spots.

Our hotplate tofu actually looks like hotplate tofu! (We had a terrible hotplate tofu in the area prior, so this was a huge relief.) The sauce was fine — not amazing, not terrible — but what I really enjoyed was how many tofu we got + how even yet thin the egg layer was! Add on the shrooms, shrimp and chicken, and this is a solid well-rounded dish perf for pairing with rice!

The spinach with trio of eggs was great too! The broth was flavourful with an obvious enough profile of eggs (you’d think this is the baseline, but nope, I’ve been unfortunate enough to have eaten many that taste just like…water). The spinach was fresh and well-cooked, just some tail ends of the stalks that weren’t plucked/snipped, which wasn’t too big a prob.

Even the pork was yummy — I’m just not the biggest fan of the dish to rave about it, but it wasn’t too sweet, nor was it fatty! Kudos!