Only available on weekends, this is one joyful brunch plate that easily pleases the eyes, tastebuds and pocket (it costs only $14.90 nett!) 😄
Let me break it down for you. What you get is a VERY thick and fluffy brioche topped with sliced tomatoes and melted cheese. The crispy bacon I picked (you can opt for smoked salmon if preferred) is heaped on top of it. Alongside those are a wobbly slow-cooked egg, chargrilled sweet corn and a Japanese-influenced salad of mixed leaves, tiny cubes of apples and sesame seeds. As I am a bit mad for avocado, I got it as an add-on for $3 more.

In contrast to their popular "Molten Eggs", this dish incorporates the element of subtle sweetness which is marvelously refreshing. I find the combination of flavours here totally spot-on 😋😋 .