From Cecilia's Bistro at the S11 coffeeshop situated within the carpark at Blk 630A Woodlands Ring Road. Saw some people posting about it on Instagram and came across their full menu on Facebook which includes Chicken Corden Bleu, Chicken Chops/Fish & Chips with dips (salted egg yolk, Rendang and Satay just to name a few) and decided to give it a visit since it's pretty much nearby.

Pretty well-executed and they got the basics nailed right on this one — it even comes with the satisfying oozy cheese though it's not a lot (then again, it's just $6.90!). The chicken was crisp and reasonably tender while stuffed with stretchy cheese and ham for a little savoury flavour and also some peppercorns to add a hint of spiciness and peppery flavour that helped to enhance the overall flavour. Sides are fixed for this dish, which are the mashed potatoes and coleslaw; both decent but I like how the latter is creamy and served cold — the way I like my coleslaw to be. Guess this is going to be a convenient spot for me to get some of my sinful cravings settled soon!

That is a very good looking cordon bleu
Jason Wong was really pleasantly surprised; didn't expect one to be of this quality at such price especially in Woodlands!
Xing Wei Chua I want to try, except its in woodlands 😂
Jason Wong I guess this is more for the residents than people to flock there — it's pretty deep inside the estate actually.
Xing Wei Chua a pity, it looks really good and the cutlet too