While Singaporeans are still going gaga over the crave, it might just be short-lived as this limited time offer is just rocking the decent scale, definitely not mind-blowing. After hearing mixed reviews about the salted egg yolk being either too sweet or insufficient, we decided to give it a go together with the twister fries and banana pie.

Overall, the salted egg yolk sauce was, as reviewed by many, too sweet, but it was an interesting overall concept. The chicken patty could do with a bit more seasoning though.

As for the twister fries, it must have been watching "Honey, I shrunk the kids" movie too many times as it was disappointing because the portion seems to be lesser but price was still at a premium. The salt and pepper crab powder seasoning was just meh. The only saving grace was the banana pie.

Address: 133, New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point, Unit 01-03, Singapore 059413

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