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💕Roasted Irish Duck with Crispy Rice in Chef's Special Sauce.
Tender and juicy roasted Irish duck served wirh Chef's special sauce and puffed rice. Its best to have this with crunchy lettuce.
💰$52 for half, $90 for whole.
📍Available at Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Dining IN & Pavilion.

💕Crispy Charcoal Grilled Superior Sea Cucumber with Oyster Sauce.
First the sea cucumber braised then grilled briefly over binchotan which give alluring smoky accent
📍Available at Crystal Jade Palace.

💕Braised Vermicelli with Scallops and Egg white topped with cripsy Conpoy.
Braised Vermicelli served in flavourful seafood stock, fresh scallops and fried conpoy.
💰$36 per portion.
📍Available at Crystal Jade Palace.

💕Chilled Double-boiled Snow Pear with snow lotus, osmantush and honey lemon.
💰$13.8 per person.
📍available at Crystal Jade Palace.

From 1 Dec 2020, customer can place reservations via https://inline.app/booking/cj.

Chinese New Year dining at Crystal Jade restaurants will commence from 25 Jan 2021 (select outlets will be closed on 12 Feb 2021 – CNY Day 1) and set menus for up to five persons are available, meanwhile Festive takeaway goodies can be pre-ordered online at estore.crystaljade.com and outlets from 7 Dec 2020 to 28 Feb 2021, and available for collection at outlets from 25 Jan 2021.