An Italian quintessential pasta item found on their classic pasta menu, where you can choose a choice of classic base (e.g. aglio olio, carbonara, seafood etc), as well as customise your own pasta noodle. This vongole however, was a sad categorical disappointment. Unlike your usual light, aromatic broth that may often be made simmered with white wine, olive oil, and chillies, it was a mildly creamy textured sauce which gave a mushroom aftertaste. I was appalled at the dish, and perhaps only the rather generous amount of clams helped to save its face. Still, I found it difficult to savour a vongole so radically different from what one may expect. Further, the unorthodox sauce was not impressive as well. So, if you are expecting something better than your usual vongole, this will probably not meet your expectations.
Nonetheless, service here is fantastic. Dishes are generally affordable; just be wise!