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My dining partner loves creme brulee so its not a surprise this was his choice of dessert. (RM$18.90) The homemade creme brulee tartlets were served with a side of yuzu infused cream and vanilla ice cream.

The tartlets themselves were reminiscent of egg tarts with their custardy centers and slightly crumbly pastry. It was glazed with torched sugar that provided a delectable crunch. It tasted really good, nostalgic and the balance of textures (creamy brulee with crumbly pastry) was perfect. However I felt that it was missing that creamy richness, melt in your mouth feel that is so classic and so enjoyable in creme brulees.

The yuzu cream and vanilla ice cream provided a delicious addition to the dessert. Especially the yuzu cream, where the yuzu's fruitiness really shone through and added a unique dimension to the classic creme brulee.

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