The eatery has a nice ambience and a lot of seats. I appreciate that they don't have service charge or GST and the prices are very reasonable for this area. But the portions are small. I liked my meesua but I was barely half full.

My partner ordered the Yong tau foo, the more expensive option that is supposed to come with extra ingredients. Yet when his food came, there were missing ingredients (the table next to ours also had the same issue).

My partner and I waited for 30-40 over minutes for our food with no apology or explanation as to why we had to wait for so long. There weren't many other customers either. We ordered the tuckshop rice as well but that never came. I asked for it twice when we were 50 minutes into our waiting time, mostly done with our meesua and yongtaufoo. The waitress never got back to me about the status.

We decided to just pay for our food and cancel the tuckshop rice.

I really wanted to support this establishment given that it's start up by two young guys. The food is decent. But the management needs improvement. Also, it was wrong to serve us less than what we ordered and paid for.