As a social arm of Singapore Maritime Officers' Union, Lighthouse Bistro uses the freshest ingredients and an eclectic blend of herbs and spices, and together with their chefs, have ventured beyond the norms of conventional food to create a carefully curated menu.⁣

Pictured here are:⁣

• Medley of Mushroom. Creamy mushroom soup scented with fresh aromatic herb oil and garnished with micro herbs.⁣

• Spicy Garlic Prawns. Slicked in plenty of garlic, these prawns were really rich and savoury. I had the pleasure of getting my fingers sauced in them when an idea struck me. While watching that umami-ness pooling in the bowl, I concluded that I needed bread and proceeded to dunk the toasted garlic bread meant for the mushroom soup into the bowl. Well, best decision ever.⁣

• The Lamb Shank (let me talk about it in another post, stay tuned!)⁣

To order, simply call them at 6390 1699, or WhatsApp them at 9420 1150! There is islandwide delivery but delivery charge applies so check with them before placing your order!⁣

Thank you @azharacharr for arranging and @lighthousebistro for the food!