3.5⭐ Purchased the voucher @ 40% during Chope year end sale. Ordered a total of 6 dishes to maximise the value of the voucher. This is the newest outlet open at MYMCA on Stevens Road and was surprised that there are many diners on a weekday dinner time.
The brinjal delight is one of the signature dish. It doesn't taste like the typical soft brinjal as it's thinly sliced and deep fried before coated with sweet and spicy sauce. It's quite an unique dish which I have not ate elsewhere. The baby squid and har cheong gai are passable. Disappointed with the smoked pork collar which is plainly shabu meat stir fry with onion and seeet sauce. When WB order vege, it's definitely Kang Kong. Ended the meal with warm durian pengat which is super rich and thick.
We ate till extremely full and should have ordered fewer dishes but more expensive items.
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