"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio. Than are dreamt of in your philosophy" Like how can Yakitori taste so good?? Isn't this satay? what us this magic?

Well welcome to Sumi-ka. Famous for having no seats, lots of Japanese people and a Japanese uncle behind the stove who can speak Cantonese.

Sumi-ka isn't a place you would want to bring your first date (but who I am to judge?) nor is it where you would want to eat a meal (unless you're ready to break the bank) and technically, it closes too early (12 a.m.) to be a "yum cha" sorta place. It's smokey. It's noisy. It's not the most elegant of places. But the food is good. And the atmosphere is a breath of fresh air (see what I did there?) to the fancy shmancy Japanese restaurants in the area.

It is quite hard to just review a dish or all of them (it will take forever) since you will just try so many in one sitting but what is certain is thag everything is what you are paying for. Yakitori typically goes for RM 4-6 per stick with pork and beef costing more. They also serve potatoes and sweet potatoes baked over the grill (and the seasoning is on point!) as well as teriyaki don and onigiri. And of course, I LOVE their pudding so be sure to order those. They have limited quantities so be sure to try it at least. Overall if you ask me, the food here comes slow, but is definitely well done and done with lotsa care (not like the uncle will layan you if you rush him la). A bit pricey, but you are getting pretty good food (the beef tongue is really good by the way)

So if you're looking for a casual bite (or a meal, if you're willing to spend like an average of 80 per person) with a lively night atmosphere....remember to book a place.