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Me meeting my Dad for dinner on a Friday night aptly paralleled how Lobster met Crab in a Laksa broth— basically the same thing so you aren’t surprised they go well together.

We were here on a 1-for-1 deal and had 2 pastas that came with fries (one of which had parmesan truffle toppings) and a serving of seafood soup, as well as kaya and whiskey ice cream respectively. However, while the $53 we paid was a modest sum, it comes close to the number of minutes we waited for the food to be served. While this usually isn’t a problem understanding it is a Friday night, the kitchen took a gamble and prepared their batches of fries a few customers in advance. The dice were rolled, our fries were cold.

However, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the half Lobster, half Crab pasta. The rich Laksa broth really put the Asian in Crustacean, while the bits of crab and lobster in the pasta tasted like an anxious introvert— fresh out of its shell. The seafood soup though fragrant, did have hints of “food court” as the onions reminded me of chicken rice’s embarrassing friend— chicken rice soup. But dad loved it, and he’s the foodie.

Finally, to top off the spread we had for dinner, what better way than to end with dessert that, well, was also a spread— Kaya Ice Cream. This Nyonya treat tasted so good that it sent me into 小娘惹 territory, which I only thought of because it was almost 9pm by the time dessert had arrived. But I shan’t go in too hard on the kitchen given it was an admirable effort for 2 people in a kitchen the size of my toilet. Also, just like me in the toilet, these people really worked their butts off to put food in the bowl.

Jokes aside, it was a great meal, and it would be shellfish of me not to recommend this to my friends!