If you're a chocolate lover, please allow me to introduce you to this Belgian chocolate waffle. It's extremely crunchy and has an intense chocolate flavour. When I ate it with the chocolate sauce that was drizzled all over, the texture made me think of a choc chip brownie that's been baked to a crispier finish in an oven, so the chips within are all soft and "melty" from the heat. Total yums! The waffle paired very well with my selected ice-cream flavour: the Banana Nutella.
Speaking of which, all the ice-cream at "Micreme Lab by Beyond Plate" is handcrafted in-house. Chef Thamil explained that they use only the freshest ingredients such as Hokkaido milk, and leave out the chemical-tasting stuff like stabilisers. So this should give you an idea of the quality you'll enjoy here.