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How should I start? If you love Jap food, which I'm sure you do, you must get your Jap fix here. Most definitely. There isn't nothing to not love. The sashimi are fresh, the cooked food are so worthy of the calories, the chefs at the counter are so good to see them at work, the ground crew are very attentive even during busy times... but there is 1 dish you must try and you have to wait for a year - their Yusheng. It's a year long wait coz they only serve it during CNY. So you must NEVER miss this. You can miss any other Yusheng from all major hotels or whatsoever, but never this. It is full of flavours that will have you wanting for more. The ingredients, the mix, the sauce... everything pairs up so well. I can't go on since I'll have to wait for another 365 days for this. Moving on, their lunch sets are very affordable for that quality food and also don't wear anything with buttons, hooks, zippers or belt if you are having dinner buffet there. Go on, indulge in their buffet. I won't tell.