Visited the new Sweets Craftsman at Cavan Suites recently after seeing their posts on social media — a hole-in-the-wall space with a rather zen interior that serves up their very own bakes such as roll cakes, meringue rolls, tarts and shortcakes which is located just a few units away from GelatoLabo’s first outpost at Cavan Road in Jalan Besar.

While the Fujiro series is probably one that would capture the attention of most with the roll cake’s cream depicting a Mount Fuji motif within the sliced cake, we found ourselves going for the Yuzu Orange Meringue Roll — something that seems to involve a more intricate process overall. The meringue roll cake is decently sweet with its crackling meringue layer providing some form of chew on its exterior — light and airy whilst being filled with fruits and pastry cream in the middle that gels all the elements together. While the cake overall felt decently put-together, the only qualm for us was the pulp of the orange that was included in the cake — no doubt the orange carried a citrusy note that cuts through the sweetness pretty aptly, but it was a pity how the pulp was a tad too icy and carried a not-too-desirable contrast with the entire cake. Perhaps adjusting the display chiller’s temperature, or serving up the cake slightly after thawing it in room temperature would help to improve things a little; otherwise it’s probably something I would say that it’s pretty worthy to give a go.

It’s hard to come by shops serving up their own cakes and pastries around, so Sweets Craftsman does deserve a mention for the commendable effort behind serving their own bakes with a dash of creativity and artistic approach. That being said, we do wish that they look into the various factors that might affect the quality of the cakes apart from its execution — a bit more attention to detail that would do well for them in the long run.