With the 2018 World Cup fever going on, there were only a few customers in the shop.

My choice of bread: Italian loaf
Choice of sides/ vegetables: Romaine/ tomato/ cheese/ olives X2
Choice of sauce: Ancho Chipotle

As with my previous visit to this outlet, the sandwich was toasty and this is what I like most about toasties. Very warm to (my) touch; almost a tad too warm to hold with my bare hands. One of the warmest sandwiches I ever had thus far. Warm food is just so comforting and enjoyable. It could be an age thing. 😆

Compared to Subway's sandwiches, I would say subway sandwiches are warmed (10secs), but they are not toasty warm/ hot.
Toasties' bread, like I mentioned in my previous review, has a thin, shiny, crispy skin/ crust that is so satisfying to bite into.

The chipotle sauce was creamy and spicy, and a tad too much.

Still, I love the Chipotle chicken sandwich.

Just to add on, their (skinny) fries are fantastic as well! They are like Long John Silver's fries; so crispy and nicely flavoured. Except that they are skinnier.