Slathered with a generous amount of their respective spreads coupled with a rustic yet simple presentation, these toasts were already visually astounding (and appetite-inducing!!!) upon arrival. Came with high expectations to finally try these babies, and boy WAS I SATISFIED.

The sage cream cheese and berry compote toast ($4) was absolutely luscious — a savoury cream cheese spread with strong hints of sage nestled underneath a semi-sweet glaze made from an assortment of berries. Not forgetting the thick, crisp sourdough toast that made a perfect base for this marriage of flavours!!

But my winner was the nut butter, honey and sea salt toast ($4). One bite into this gem and I was F-L-O-O-R-E-D. Thick, creamy and slightly salty nut butter with a fragrant nutty flavour, alongside an adorable circular drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of sea salt atop a similarly perfectly crisp (but slightly less thick) piece of sourdough — this, was a match. made. in. heaven and an explosion in my mouth!!! 😍

I LOVE bread and this has definitely become my go-to breakfast place from now on. Heck, I'd have this for any meal anytime, provided that their toasts stop selling out so fast, please?!

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