We ordered the cereal prawns, sambal kangkong, honey pork ribs, chaipo beancurd & salted veg soup. The cereal prawns were nicely cooked & they were very generous w the cereal. We really loved the honey pork ribs too, it was well-seasoned & the pork was tender so it came off the bone easily. The sambal kangkong & chaipo beancurd however, were just way too salty. We tried to finish as much as we could, but it was just too salty & we found ourselves reaching for our drinks after every bite to wash the salt away. Really disappointing :( the salted veg soup was just average. However, the value set came w these 5 dishes + 4 drinks & 4 desserts for $88++ so I guess it’s quite worth. Just be sure to avoid the sambal kangkong & chaipo beancurd the next time u visit this outlet! (Maybe it’s just the chefs today but the saltiness was really horrible) 😫

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