Monkey King ($16)
'Banana cake chunks, caramelised bananas, toasted waffles, salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream (Some toasted walnuts on top of the vanilla ice cream)'

- Very sweet chunks of banana cake
- Waffles had the same slightly savoury buttermilk batter
- Vanilla ice cream did not have the strongest flavour but still very fragrant, specks of vanilla bean could be seen. This was definitely not as creamy as a gelato.
Though the salted caramel sauce here was already drizzled and seemed as though quite little was provided, it was very strong in taste and was able to cut through all the other sweet elements of the dish. The warm, mushy caramelised bananas was another plus, complementing the chilled ice cream really well.
Overall, there were lots of contrasting textures playing in your mouth and working in harmony - crumbly banana cake, mushy banana, fluffy moist waffles and ice cold creamy vanilla ice cream. Best item I've tried at the cafe.
Taste: 9.5/10

Chai Latte ($5.50)
Very aromatic with strong notes of cinnamon. The consistency is quite thick as well.
(Forgot to rate this at the time I drank it)

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