Chicken waffles - batter is salty but crispy. Chicken is juicy. The charcoal waffle with maple syrup is yums. 3 pieces of chicken in there makes for good portion size. This dish is 7/10. Up the game of the batter and this would have been 9/10.

Crab cakes - 2 of these, topped with 2 poached eggs. No other sides, I think that spoonful of chopped up purple cabbage must be the designated salad. While the size of the crab cake is big, but there is alot of breadcrumb in the filling making it slightly doughey. There is 1/3 of one prawn in each crab cake. All the crab contributed was fishiness, poor crab died without appreciation for its flesh. This dish is 3/10

Overall food quality is mediocre, which means without the Burpple 1 for 1 I wouldn't consider returning.