Dinner at @wildfireburgers.sg with the boys means that we get to over-order (Jonny's fault as always) and try (nearly) everything on their menu.

Having sampled all of their beef burgers, it was unanimous amongst the 3 boys that Wildfire's SRF Wagyu Burger is the best amongst their offerings. You can taste the difference between the snake river farm wagyu beef patty and the usda black angus patty used for their classic 001 burger. The former is much more rich and juicy and yet retains the intense beefy flavours.

The shabu burger and truffle mushroom burgers are decent but both pale in comparison to the Wagyu burger. The prices are about the same so you might as well go for the Wagyu patty!

Wildfire also serves a nasty fried chicken with shatteringly crisp skin. The meat was tender and juicy though I wish they used a stronger marinade for a more robust flavour.

No prizes for guessing but I will be back for sure!