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They specialise in this one cut of meat (featherblade) on top of their daily specials which u would have to ask them about on the day itself. Their featherblade steak costs $21 for ~200g. Was pretty filling for me but i think people with a larger appetite would find this portion just nice (if you have sides as well). I opted for medium rare. The meat had a nice bite to it and was very nice and juicy. Wasnt overseasoned as well, likely seasoned with just salt and pepper. Really enjoyed the red wine sauce ($2 per sauce) which helped bring out the flavour of the meat even more. Slightly more towards the tangy side i feel but was not an overpowering sauce as well. As for sides, i tried the mushrooms and the potato. Was not a fan of the mushrooms cause there was nothing special about it. Something i could do at home. But the potatoes were really delicious, very crispy and crunchy on the outside with a slight burnt flavour. Would 10/10 recommend this place!!!

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