Came back as I enjoyed dining in here the other day and decided to try their pasta and truffle fries. Just a feedback on the mains: the truffle (fries and pasta) could use a bit more truffle flavour as it tasted quite bland - lacking in the fries and the pasta tasted more like carbonara than truffle cheese. My partner also mentioned how the basil pesto pasta was flavourless and upon tasting it, i reckon it needs a bit more of pesto in it. Their iced lemon tea also tasted a bit sour, if you prefer a more sharp flavour compared to lemon, you can get that. Otherwise, the ice cream and waffles were really good, we enjoyed that and we liked how the staff also asked for feedback on our dining experience. Hope to come back again soon!

- Truffle Fries ($12)
- Basil Pesto Pasta ($16)
- Truffle Cheese Pasta ($18)
- Ice Lemon Tea ($6)
- Basic Waffle ($5)
- Double Scoop: 1 premium & 1 normal ($7.40)