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Glad that we could find something similar in SG. The auto-rotation definitely made the self-BBQ a lot more hassle-free in the comfort of the restaurant.
We tried a lot of the items on their menu but would highlight a few that were to our likings. The lamb and beef skewers were good, so were their chicken wings of various flavours. The skewered salmon was juicy and tasty, and skewered luncheon meat tasted good especially when done crispy on the outside. Beside sweet corns, abalone mushrooms were better for the BBQ compared to other mushrooms that tend to shrink much over the heat.
They had a few sweet items that were also worth a try. Their butter toasted bread and grilled banana were great but do order them separately so you can enjoy them towards the end of the meal.
As its name suggested, this was one place good for the carnivores with lots of meat skewers. But they do have other non-skewer items for some variety. Good for a group of 2-4 for some chat over an automated BBQ.