I've decided to post this today since many of you were asking about it, and you know I like it enough to go again the following day.
These were made to order, so be sure to hate some on the spot. They were served piping hot (and caution, these were really too hot for the hands), which explains why the fragrance of pandan and coconut wafted in the air as this was in front me.
Although it looks similar to the Chinese tutu kueh, there were two difference: first, the fillings were gula melaka with crystallized bits, instead of peanut or coconut for tutu kueh; and second, the rice flour were more loose and fluffy compared to the other tutu kuehs I've tried (but probably I've not tried enough good tutu kuehs that are as fluffy as this).
1 Geylang Serai
Unit 01-210
Mr Teh Tarik Coffeeshop
9am to 8pm daily

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