Despite being just in its soft launch phase, Dough Supply Co. has already gotten quite a fair bit of traction on social media the past weekend — the cafe being touted as one that is reminiscent of that of Cafe Onion in Korea.

Being run by the same folks who have brought us Glyph Supply Co. at 111Somerset, Runes at Lau Pa Sat and now-defunct Noa which used to operate within Laut during afternoons, Dough Supply Co. may quite be their most daring venture — taking up a fairly huge unit just a few doors away from Carnivore, Dough Supply Co. does serve up mains, pasta and sides apart from the widely talked about Korean-inspired breads and cakes, all alongside specialty coffee, tea and fermented beverages.

The Spicy Kimchi & Tomato Pasta costs a whopping $22 — something that one might consider giving a miss when deciding between the mains and pasta here; the meatier dishes such as the Wagyu Burger and the Chicken Thigh being priced at $26. Featuring elements such as House Tomato Salsa, House Kimchi, Mozzarella and Handmade Pasta, one may point out the slightly “cheap” buildup of the dish but the money is going all towards the homemade aspects of the item — a laborious process that only those who have the passion for food will appreciate. The handmade pasta here comes with quite a tactile bite; done al-dente, and coats that kimchi-infused tomato salsa adequately with its twirls — the sauce itself being reasonably spicy from the kimchi and tingles the taste buds for those who are less tolerant to moderate levels of spiciness, whilst being tangy but well-rounded from the slight sweetness of the tomato salsa that provides the finishing note. Seemingly in an attempt to replicate Cheese Ramyeun, the dish comes with a slice of processed cheese over the top; not the best aesthetic but there is something about Korean Gochujang going so well with the saltish notes of processed cheese — so ever comfortingly, and something that carries more complexity than one would expect from a dish like that.

Dough Supply Co. pushes the boundaries of what Glyph Supply Co. and Runes has to offer for their patrons — an adventurous venture into serving up hot food and being a full service cafe; a difference from the being a coffee-centric establishment that they had come from. Whilst it was a shame that we did not get to try their bakes considering we snagged up the last cake of the day at 11:45am on a Sunday brunch service during our visit, we were still particularly impressed by the impeccable service and delicious mains that they have to offer; a relief considering the insane wait times and haphazard service we had encountered at several cafes over the same weekend. Looking forward to Dough Supply Co. being open in full force — perhaps that is the time when I would be able to give their widely-raved Korean breads and cakes a go!

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