There are days where something simple would do — forget about fancy cakes with all that frosting and emphasis on flavours; those things that sometimes just over-complicate matters and may even quite be pure distractions from the cake itself.

The Banana Walnut Loaf from Grams was indeed what I was craving for on the day when I made my way to Onalu — having more complicated cakes lately kinda made me forget about the bliss I simply get from a simple Banana Walnut Loaf; their version is a little cakey, but still comes with mushy bananas within that gives a sweet caramalised note. I ain’t particularly a fan of chocolate chips found in my banana bread usually, but I didn’t quite mind the small nobs of gooey, melted chocolate chips found in the Banana Walnut Loaf here — perhaps I was just craving for some chocolate on a rare day without being particularly picky on what it is. And the best part — I absolutely adore how the Banana Walnut Loaf is served all warmed up by default; crusty exterior and a soft fluffy cake within that isn’t too dense. Comfort at its very best, not to mention they have an ultra-chill playlist that works great to wind down just before catching the bus home from the bus stop right outside the cafe.