Head down to Golden Mile Food Centre for a bowl of comforting Penang-style prawn noodle by @oneprawnnoodle before the food centre closes for renovation in December 2020. Indeed we were reminded of the 888 Hokkien (Prawn) Mee we had in Penang.

After trying it for the first time as a delivery, I was impressed particularly by the murky broth that was extremely rich. Even better when I had it at the stall for the second time as I also introduced it to the Boyf. The umami sweetness was alluring and addictive, every sip was a burst of crustacean flavour. We kinda wonder how much prawn shells actually went in for such a wonderful yet painstaking broth. Thanks to the extra crispy pork lard, you get an enhanced aromatic flavour. Served with fried shallots, kangkong, bean sprouts and a peeled prawn. You won’t want to miss those bouncy handmade prawn balls out that highlight the natural sweetness of fresh prawn meat and prawn roe either.