Essentially pistachio ice cream with frozen strawberry bits in it - I quite enjoyed the frozen fruit bits inside it which gave the ice cream different textures. The ice cream itself was quite icy and sweet, would’ve preferred a nuttier flavour.

We also got the coconut pineapple ice cream - which was coconut ice cream with frozen pineapple bits in it. Similar to the pistachio ice cream, the coconut ice cream was icy in texture and sweet in flavour.

Overall both ice cream flavours were quite nice if you’ve a sweet tooth, but if you’re looking for top quality ice cream or something less sweet then you might want to try the other flavours.

The ambience of the place is chill, staff are friendly. We visited during lunchtime on Saturday and it was not too busy, we managed to get seats for two upon walking in. Only downside was that the food took about 40 minutes to arrive.