I was craving for a bowl of fish soup but my mandate has always been to avoid those at Food courts because I can’t stand the sight of yellow scrawny vegetables and fish slices as thin as paper. Worse still if they use msg laden soup .

Given not much of a choice in Orchard Road , cross straits cafe is the closest I could probably get to a decent fish soup . The bittegourd was plentiful but the fish slices were few and so precious but at least they were not paper thin .
Thankfully they don’t use the dried kind of bee hoon for their thick bee hoon so at least the noodle texture was decent . What was best was probably the house made chilli sauce which was fiery and boasted a vingerish kick.

Service is “ good” and the Uncle upsells chicken wings and fish cakes and drinks to every one Who comes in. I must say for a small shop , they are pretty profitable because the turnover is quite fast .

No complaints if you need a hot meal and a clean place to sit but portions need to be better 😊