On the last day before phase 2 HA kicked in, we had a nice brunch meal at @steep.sg with an almost one hour wait! 😱

🍳steep’s breakfast $17: comes with sourdough bread, eggs (can choose between poached or sunny side up or scrambled), turkey bacon, herb sausage, mushrooms, mixed green, tater tots and roasted tomatoes. Super lots of ingredients! The turkey bacon was also not fatty at all! I loved it! Plus interesting how they offer poached egg option too! Avocadoes in cafe always tastes nicer than the ones I try to make at home myself haha (always can’t get the right stage of ripeness)

🍞French toast $15: brioche with mascarpone, berry compote, maple granola, fresh fruits, toasted almonds and honey thyme syrup. Mascarpone was very light and nice to eat with the French toast. was sad that our French toast order came so so so much later than other diners who only came in and ordered after us. Guess they missed out our order 😢 ha so that explains the 3 separate photos here because the food weren’t served tgt. We were already done with our steep breakfast portion before the French toast FINALLY got served!

☕️iced red velvet chocolate $7: because we were so hot from waiting around outside the cafe and wandering aimlessly while waiting for seats to be freed up. My first time trying a red velvet choc drink!