Third visit here in about a month and I keep ordering the same dish plus appetiser (century egg tofu).

I did find the standards quite variable with each visit. On my second one, the century egg tofu was very dry with not much oyster sauce. In addition, the poached lettuce on that visit was bitter. Today, my century egg tofu was okay, but the ramen was more on the undercooked side. I suppose it would’ve been good for someone who likes their noodles al dente, but I lean more towards the softer spectrum with ramen noodles. Apart from that, the broth is consistently good with each visit and I really enjoy it thick and rich prawn broth. It’s perfect for a rainy day. If you can’t make up your mind, go for the signature trio where you get two prawns, three pieces of ebikko prawn paste and two prawn dumplings.

Sides are literally the same as whatever is offered at Le Nu (another Paradise Group Restaurant). If you enjoy them, it’s worth adding on with a drink for a full meal with set price.

Ways to save:

Le Shrimp Ramen is currently offering 30% off bills for Citibank, Maybank Card Holders or Paradise Group Members until end of March 2020. This applies to all Paradise Group restaurants too so it’s a really good deal!

Paradise group restaurants (Le Shrimp included) are on ShopBack GO so make sure you link your Citibank card if you want cashback on top of the 30% off!

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