“Mee Pork Tah” from “Boon Wah Fishball Noodles” (#01-42) - I wasn’t expecting much from my $3 bowl but ended up slurping it with gusto. The noodles were cooked perfectly al dente, and the fishballs, were large and bouncy. I wished there was more chew to the minced meat but if you like it soft and “powdery”, theirs will please. Interestingly, the chilli sambal was not the usual sweet style. Instead, it’s savoury and there was a pleasant grittiness to it. The lady who prepared my order told me her mum-in-law made it. I didn’t find the sambal very spicy, so do ask for extra if you prefer your noodles to pack a big kick. Soup is clear and quite plain. So unless you like that style, I think it’s better to get the dry version here.