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Dim Sum Breakfast Menu 点心早餐菜单 for 2
At Deck 8, Dream Dining Room Upper 星梦餐厅上层
Cuisine : Chinese
On board Genting Dream Cruise 🚢 云顶梦号 by @dreamcruiseline
Steamed Sweet Corn 🌽 Bun 甜玉米包
Steamed Prawn 🦐 Siew Mai 虾肉烧卖
Steamed Chicken 🐓Claw 鼓汁蒸凤爪
Deep Fried Pork 🐖 and Pineapple 🍍 Roll 猪肉菠萝卷
Fried Vermicelli with Mixed Vegetables 蔬菜炒米粉
Conpoy Congee with Fish 🐟 Stomach and Peanut 🥜 干贝鱼鳔花生粥
The siew mai was delicious 😋. The plain looking bee hoon was yummy too.
The pau had quite thick skin, 1 cm?
Felt kind of cheated by the porridge. That’s not fish stomach. Just garnished on top with some chopped fish maw.
Served with hot Chinese tea.

Vegetarian Meal
Dim Sum Breakfast
This Bento!
🥂 Goodnight!
Here's to more mornings like this!