This is a place you must bring your friends or your family, as the food here is superb, yet really well priced. We ordered about 6 dishes, including the Thai green curry ($6), Tom Yum fried rice ($6) and the Tom Yum Soup ($6.80) which were the more notable ones.

The Thai green curry was really creamy and strong in the Thai basil flavours which I love alot. The Tom Yum fried rice was so good on its own that we cleared it within 5 minutes, and totally forgot to squeeze the lime. The Tom Yum soup was refreshing and the seafood used are really fresh.

Did I mention that you can also use your burpple beyond? With the beyond discounts our total bill for 5 people turned out to be $39.60, super affordable to the mass and we left with really happy tummies. Will be back for more!