We had the luscious, King of fruit, over 2 hours and total durian weight of 80 tonnes!!

Cultivars including D158, D101, D13, D24 XO and Musang King. After the sampler plate of 5, I concluded that my votes were to D24 XO and Musang King. D24 XO was priority for me. Bitter, wet and slurppily good. For the local favorite Musang king, no introduction needed as you guys already jolly know the yummy characteristics! We were given so much Musang king!! Pampered!

Although the party was over for now, but you could still head down to Cold Storage supermarkets to purchase DurianBB Musang King ice cream popsicles/cups.

Thank you DurianBB for hosting us and @blancheeze for the invite 😍