Though a new player in the cocktail scene, its sheer dedication towards championing regionally sourced produce, liquor, and crafts already sets it apart from stiff competition. Hailing from bars the likes of Operation Dagger and Nutmeg & Clove, Vijay & team have brought both that finesse and experimental streak to Native's compact-but-solid cocktail list.

With much anticipation, I started the night with the most-talked about cocktail here: Antz ($23). It's not just a quirky moniker; you do get to enjoy the insect in your drink. Crunchy Thai weaver ants are served with basil meringue with a dash of bitters on a nitrogen-frozen basil leaf, while blended, locally foraged ants add a sour tang to the mix of Chalong Bay agricole rhum, aged sugarcane, coconut yoghurt, salt baked tapioca, and soursop, served in an ant hill-shaped ceramic cup made by a local potter. The result is a delicious, coconut-y drink that I would positively crawl back for.

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