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Got this with the Burpple Beyond one for one, however I was pretty disappointed. They only allow you to get regular cups with the promotion so you can’t get the sets with many different toppings. Seeing the photos and the pretty purple colour of the ice cream, I had pretty high expectations so I was thoroughly disappointed when the ice cream had almost no sweet potato taste whatsoever. The sea salt could still be tasted in the mixed cup, but the purple side could very well have been vanilla ice cream. For its regular price of $6.50 a cup, I would definitely not purchase again. Also, the server asked if I wanted gold/silver flake toppings and I happily agreed thinking they were a set of toppings. It was my own fault for not double checking as they were not, and were really gold/silver leaves which did nothing to help hide the plainness of the ice cream. Gold flakes cost an additional $4 which I did not check beforehand which made my total $10.50.

wtf eunice calm down